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What Fence Supplies Do Contractors Use?

Fencing companies are experts at installing even, sturdy fences, no matter the material type. That’s because they have the proper training to get the job done, as well as knowing what supplies they will need. Let’s take a look at the supplies that help our team at Foremost Fence get the job done every time.

Posthole Digger

To ensure every fence post is the exact same height and stands up straight, a posthole digger is our best tool for the job. Properly using the posthole digger will secure the fence and make sure it’s effective in protecting your property from the wind. This is especially true for solid wood fences which, according to This Old House, can reduce wind flow by up to 50%. The better the posthole, the more effective the wind reduction is and the longer your fence will stand upright.

Heavy-Duty Work Gloves

When installing a wooden fence, we need to be particularly careful about not injuring ourselves with hammers and nails or screws. To avoid that, we wear heavy-duty work gloves, which also help prevent splinters. Fence contractors work with these materials all day, so safety is paramount. Of all our fence supplies, heavy-duty work gloves are one of the most paramount resources we have for staying safe.

High-Quality Fencing Material

Of course, the fence itself is perhaps the most important of all our fence supplies. No matter the type of fencing material you need, we will work with you beforehand to discuss the specifics of the material. If you choose aluminum fencing, for instance, you’ll be investing in a strong, long-lasting fence that can withstand elements of all kinds. Our team only works with high-quality aluminum fencing that offers both durability and style. You can rest assured that any type of fence you choose will be aesthetically-pleasing, sturdy, and effective at giving you the security and privacy you need.

If you are interested in having your fence painted as well, let us know during the planning process. Our team at Foremost Fence would be happy to make that service part of the job. Call us today for more information or to get started with our services.

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