Working with wood fencing

If you’re looking for the versatility, affordability, and timeless look of wood, Foremost Fence has the right fence for you. Constructed from high-quality, pressure-treated wood, our wooden fence line will be the perfect addition to enhance your property, keep your pet safe, or provide the perfect amount of privacy.

Board on Board

Full Privacy
Constructed with overlapping pattern of vertical pickets producing a fence that has visual appeal and ample security.


Full Privacy
A simple fence constructed with boards that have pointed edges placed tightly against one another, giving you a solid panel.

Horizontal Shadowbox*

Semi Private
Constructed with spaces between the horizontal pickets to allow air to pass through but still block from the neighbors view.

Vertical Shadowbox*

Semi Private
Constructed with spaces between the vertical pickets to allow air to pass through but still block from the neighbors view.


A rail fence that has cross beams that are connected to the rails. This type of fencing is often used as a boundary between two properties. This fence is considered the most decorative of all wood fences.

*Shadowbox Fences are well-known as the "good neighbor" fence and look the same from both sides.

Benefits of a Wood Fence


Environmentally Friendly

With the world aiming to reduce the carbon footprint, even homeowners are looking for sustainable fencing. Given that wood is a natural and renewable resource, it makes it the perfect choice for your fence. Fortunately, there are a variety of eco-friendly stabilizers and preservatives that don’t damage the environment and still protect the fence from insect and water damage. Additionally, wood can be repurposed or disposed of when it becomes too old without damaging the environment.

Easy To Maintain

One of the advantages of having a wooden fence is how easy it is to maintain it. All you need is a regular wash with biodegradable soap to remove dirt and stains.

Add Value To Your Property

As a homeowner, hiring wooden fence contractors to install a wooden fence will increase your home’s value whether you plan to list it on the market or want more equity. Most home buyers will look for an exceptional property, and nothing beats an aesthetically appealing home.

Guarantee Security & Containment

While some fencing materials don’t offer privacy whatsoever, a wooden fence comes in handy for people who want to keep nosy neighbors and prying strangers’ eyes at bay. Additionally, a wooden fence keeps stray animals away from your home.

Easily Customizable

By installing a wooden fence, you have the power to customize your fence according to your desired styles, preferred paint colors, and needed height. With this wide variety of options, you can choose what is right for your property and your privacy concerns.

Work with the best

Like all major home projects, installing and repairing a wooden fence requires expertise and a required skillset, so it’s best left to experienced professionals. Contact Foremost Fence, one of the most experienced wooden fence companies in the area to determine if a wooden fence is right for your property.