Working with vinyl fencing

When you choose our Vinyl (PVC) fence, you will get a remarkably durable fence that won’t split, peel, warp, or rot and will never need painting. We provide a wide variety of styles and colors as an exclusive ActiveYards® dealer.


Ultimate Privacy Fence


Breezy Style


Cosmopolitan Style


Modern Style


Garden Style


Deco Style


Modern Style


Transitional Style


Classic Style


Colonial Style


Coastal Style


Craftsman Style


Colonial Style


Garden Style


Modern Style

Want To Learn More?

Take a look at ActiveYards® Vinyl and PVC Fencing brochure, where they outline all of their different styles, options, and features.

Benefits of a Vinyl Fence


Stronger Than Wood

Vinyl is several times stronger than wood; therefore, it requires more force to damage a vinyl fence in comparison to a wood fence. Vinyl’s flexibility makes it an optimal solution for climates with temperature fluctuations and severe storm conditions. Heavy winds and rain, in combination with extreme cold or hot temperatures, often cause wood fences to fail.

Low Maintenance

There is very little maintenance required for vinyl fencing. Regular cleaning with soap and water to remove any residue or debris is about all that is needed to keep them looking new. There is no need to repaint vinyl since its color is throughout the vinyl and not just on the surface. It’s known for maintaining its color regardless of aging, weather and sun exposure. You will never have to worry about vinyl fence rusting, because vinyl doesn’t rust. And you will never have to concern yourself with termite or other damage from insects and wild creatures.


Vinyl fencing is not treated with toxic chemicals, so it is safe for humans and animals. Because vinyl can be recycled, it eliminates waste accumulation that threatens our environment.


Purchasing vinyl fencing provides a price point that is often much less expensive than traditional wood or aluminum solutions. Wood fencing adds the additional expense of regular maintenance, often on an annual basis. These maintenance tasks can add up over the lifetime of the product, making it much more expensive in the long run. Painting, resurfacing, primers, protector, pest damage, sun fading, storm damage and normal wear can add thousands of dollars to the original price of a wood fence. With vinyl fencing, these additional costs are eliminated, offering a better long-term investment.

Easily Installed

Vinyl fences have a relatively easy installation process, so the consumer can often install it on their own. It’s as simple as sliding the rails into the posts, then securing the posts in the ground. When the time comes that you want to remove or replace the fence, the removal process is just as easy as the installation process.

ActiveYards® Ingenuities

What makes Vinyl Fencing such a great option for property owners is all the advantages it offers. With featurese like GlideLock®, SolarGuard®, Corigin®, Cambium®, and StayStraight®, you can get a finished product that is durable, looks like wood, and will continue to look beautiful for years to come. Strength, color retention and ingenious design set us apart from other fencing solutions.