Working with Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fence is fencing used to secure an area temporarily. Keeping a work area safe during the construction phase of residential and commercial projects is the most common use of temporary fence. If a proper boundary is not set up using temporary fence, you may be liable for accidents or injury that may occur. Foremost Fence has temporary fence in stock and ready for delivery. We offer short and long term rentals for projects of all sizes with delivery, set up, and pick-up included.

Post & Wire

Durable steel chain link fencing that minimizes customer liability damage risk. A temporary chain link fence creates a reliable and sturdy barricade that can’t be easily breached by inclement weather or erosion. This option is most commonly used with long-term projects.

Temporary Panels

Our temporary fence panels are the ideal solution for directing crowds or sectioning-off areas during construction or events. This temporary fence option is the most versatile and can be adjusted as the project progresses.


If privacy is needed, the windscreen option is the way to go. The Windscreen temporary panels are available in a wide variety of colors and give your construction site a professional appearance. This option also helps with noise control, protection from high winds and security keeping tools and expensive equipment out of plain site.