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3 Myths About Aluminum Fences Debunked

When considering which option to go with for fencing around your home, you have the options of wood, steel, aluminum, and other products. One of the most misunderstood fencing materials is aluminum. Before you rule it out based on bad information, here are three myths debunked that should help you make up your mind.

Myth 1: Aluminum Fencing is Weak

A major myth about aluminum fencing is that it is weak. That is because it is lightweight and many people perceive that this is evidence of its weakness, but this is not true. Aluminum is a very durable and strong material to use for fencing, while also being easier to handle than heavier products when operating gates or other components. Because of modern manufacturing methods, aluminum can be just as strong as steel and other materials used to make fencing.

Myth 2: Aluminum Fencing is Expensive

While aluminum is not the cheapest material to use for fencing, it is far less expensive than other metals like steel and iron that are often used. A major cost factor impacting expenses is the labor charged to install fencing. While metals such as steel and iron require expensive installation, aluminum does not. One of the least expensive fencing materials is chain link, although it is not as versatile and decorative as aluminum.

Myth 3: Aluminum Fencing Doesn’t Last

Another myth about aluminum fencing is that it does not hold up well over time. But the truth is, aluminum fencing today comes with certain warranties that will last a lifetime. Aluminum fencing can last decades, with only minimal maintenance required. The specially treated surfaces are not vulnerable to scratches, chips, or fading.

Aluminum fencing also is not subject to rust over time. According to the popular home improvement program This Old House on PBS, aluminum is essentially a weather-proof fencing material that does not corrode or rust, unlike steel or iron fencing. While some aluminum materials might oxidize and discolor, most aluminum fencing has a special coating that protects it from this effect.

You can learn more about the myths and truths of aluminum fencing by researching the subject or discussing your fencing needs with a qualified, licensed contractor who has experience with various fencing materials. Give us a call today should you be interested in more information!

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