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2 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Material For Your New Fence

Adding a fence to your property can increase its value and actually improve your lifestyle. According to Angi, a new fence will provide you with up to a 65% return on your investment. You do have some decisions to make, like the height and material of the fence, but these can be easily achieved when researching and communicating with fence professionals. Here are some tips for choosing the right material.

Consider How Much Maintenance You’re Willing to Put In

You may have your eye set on a large wooden privacy fence. A wood privacy fence is a great option that can be very affordable and add to your home’s appearance. However, a wood fence requires additional maintenance from the onset. You will need a professional landscaping company to stain, paint, or coat your planks to protect the wood.

In most cases, you’ll need to redo the process of painting, coating, or staining the fence every couple of years. It can be a daunting task to take on alone, so it’s always better to defer this work to a trained company. Wood also has the tendency to rot which means you may have to replace sections over the years to keep your fence’s appearance looking its best.

Other fencing materials come with less of a commitment. For example, vinyl fencing requires no more than a water hose as far as maintenance is concerned. You can easily keep this type of fencing in good condition without much effort. Both vinyl and metal fencing are low-maintenance choices but you should still talk to your installation company about services that can prevent fading, chipping, or rusting. These two options are more expensive than wood, so you want to make sure they’ll stay durable. Ultimately, you have to decide if it’s more important for you to save money or to splurge on a low-maintenance option.

Think About the Durability You Need

One of the other things you want to consider is how durable of a fence you want. For example, a metal fence is likely to be more durable than a wood fence because it’ll resist the elements better. When considering which material is right for you, you should factor in the durability of each material.

The easiest way to decide which material is best for your home is to decide on a budget and the amount of time you want to dedicate to the fence. Connecting with a fencing professional can help you to make the right choice. Call Foremost Fence today for more information or to get started with our services.

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