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Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Fence Contractor

There are many reasons why you may be in the market for a fencing contractor or some gate installation services. Whatever the case, you will need to ask a professional fence contractor the right questions to determine if they are a suitable option. Here are some essential questions to ask.

What Types of Fences Do You Offer?

It’s always best to have more options on the table when deciding which fencing material to go with. According to experts, when it comes to fencing material, vinyl tends to be several times stronger than wood. Still, you may be interested in other options, and your fence contractor will break down the pros and cons for you.

Do You Offer Gate Installation Services?

If you’re adding a new fence to your property, chances are, you want a new and shiny gate to go along with it. In that case, it’s often better if the fence contractor also provides gate installation services since it saves you the hassle of looking for another contractor.

Which Factors Should I Consider to Find the Right Fence?

An experienced fence contractor will be able to tell you the difference between different fencing materials, such as wood, vinyl, steel, and aluminum. They should consider your needs and provide you with several options that best match what you’re looking for.

Can I See Previous Examples of Your Work?

If your fence contractor has plenty of experience under their belt, then they won’t hesitate to show you some of their masterpieces. Looking at a portfolio of some of their previous projects will give you a first-hand idea of their expertise, and you will be more confident in their abilities.

Similarly, you will have more peace of mind if the fence contractor can provide you with traceable references that enable you to confirm their good reputation. You will have a big picture of what it’s like to work with that particular contractor.

Do You Have a License and Insurance?

We recommend that you never work with a fence contractor that’s unlicensed and uninsured, as this can end up complicating matters for you. Therefore, always ask for proof that the fence contractor is both licensed and insured. This protects you from any liability issues that can potentially happen.

Finding the right fence contractor doesn’t have to be hit or miss with these straightforward questions. If you’re looking for an experienced and reputable fence contractor, we can answer all these questions, plus more, until you’re satisfied. Get in touch today!

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