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4 High-Quality Security Gate Systems

One of the benefits of hiring a fence company is that they are able to install multiple types of fencing from aluminum and chain link to PVC and wood. According to Pro Remodeler, between 2019 and 2020, fencing increased by 166% due to privacy concerns. With an increase in privacy concerns, a fence company is not only going to be able to install a more secure fence, but also install security gates for you! Here are four types of gates that are provided by Foremost Fence.

1. Liftmaster

Liftmaster is a commercial gate operator offered by commercial fencing services. They have a series of options available that work with an aluminum fence as well as other types. From industrial security gates to barrier-type gates, there are several options available for installation.

2. Viking Access Systems

These are residential and commercial gate operators that swing outward or inward based on their installation. These systems are designed to handle anywhere from 700 pounds of weight all the way up to 2,200 pounds! The variety is incredible in these operators, and they even have an underground system that you can purchase. However, the underground system can only handle up to 650 pounds of weight in a gate.

3. DoorKing

If you’re looking for security gates with even more security, like a phone number entry system, then you want to look at the 1837 – 80 Series Entry System from DoorKing. With multiple options available, you’ll find something that’s perfect for your style of fence and gate that will also respond to your security concerns.

4. CellGate

CellGate has the tagline of your virtual security guard and for a very good reason. It’s the only cellularly operated system that provides live video of visitors and guests. Instead of having to worry about who’s at your gate or who’s trying to get inside your fence, you can have your fence contractor install this system to keep you safe and informed.

With safety issues becoming a more pressing concern for many homeowners, you can easily turn to Foremost Fence and rely on our services from fencing to installing security gates. We’re able to respond to your needs and can even show you our products in our Saratosa, FL showroom. Reach out today to get started!

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